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Engage Your Commuinity

Take an active role in your community by joining the TTS After School Club. A few minutes a day can go a long way.

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Left Shoe, Right Shoe...

The Tommy Two Shoes Literacy Project is a private organization that works with corporations, small businesses, and civic-minded citizens.

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Partner with Us

Our mission is to partner with companies in America and around the world, where ever children have trouble distinguishing the left shoe from the right.

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TTS Videos

Tommy Two Shoes - 101

This 3-minute presentation provides an overview of the TTS Literary Project. Learn how you can sponsor an event at your local school.


We recently hosted a Tommy Two Shoes reading at the school gym, sponsored by a local shoe store. The kids and adults had a great time and we all learned something. It was so successful we now have a second event coming up sponsored by the local comic book store.

John doe - company name

Meet the Author

Author of Tommy Two Shoes, Rowena Womack is a great-grand-mother, poet, sports fan, and TB survivor.